14 brand new rock artists that’ll blow your mind

14 brand new rock artists that’ll blow your mind

From heavy metal made in France, through guitar-rock resurrected in Germany, to the American style made in Iceland. Well, this list has it all, which shows that the world rock scene has never been as diverse as it is today. Also, never so accessible, in part thanks to social media, of course.

In this post, we’re going to take a little tour around the world in search of at least 14 good sounds that deserve not only our record, but must be followed closely. After all, we are certainly dealing here with future rock stars, or at least famous artists from the pandemic period. Check it out!

City by the Sea – Vanishing Shores

Even though the artist himself classifies his single as a combo between britpop and indie-rock, it’s Bruce Springsteen’s hymnal that first comes to mind when I hear this beautiful track. Like the boss, the artist knows how to mix emotion and rock and roll in a way that the listener gets carried away without feeling saturated. I missed feeling like this, awake and touched by a song.

Highest Highs – Charlie Grant

You know you have 99% chances of success with Ed Sheeran’s fans. And 1% with Bruce Hornsby fans. The catchy pop you make is not only delicious, it’s way better than any song that was recorded by Sheeran.

Sugar Pill – Misty Coast

It’s funny that the band mentioned Stephen Malkmus, because Pavement it’s exactly the definition that comes closest to their sound. I really like the band’s Cardigans vibe with the addition of psychedelic guitars throughout the song…Misty Coast is further proof that Norway will be the cradle of the new rock world in this post-pandemic.

Dimensional Mystery Tour – La Sanyea Dengue

This band sounds just like The White Stripes meeting The Clash for a drinking game on a distant planet. I already know sweden for pop bands like The Cardigans, and to discover that you guys can also rock hard like this is so refreshing….Ok, I’m not forgeting about The Hives…the thing is, La Sanyea Dengue is much better than them…I told you so….

The Mask that I Wear – Abhi Manapragada

How good it is to hear a really original artist online. I really liked this space tune -blues-country-rock. The music is a delight, impossible not to hear it until the end, great lead singer. I think you are on your way to becoming one of the greats of the American alt-country-rock.

Maelström – Ständard

I’m a huge fan of Phoenix and now it seems to me that Ständard will join the list of French artists who make innovative music and, above all, “fresh” music. I liked, above all, the production. It’s a song that grows with each listen, which demonstrates the artist’s creative capacity, who, at this point, resembles multifunctional musicians like Damon Albarn.

What I’ve Become – Mcclendon

I make no clairvoyant effort to say that you are yet to break out in the entire world. You are gifted with the song and your sound sounds fresh, in a style that is very reminiscent of Bon Iver. I would even say more: the romanticism of your song takes us to forgotten singers like Duncan Sheik, a time when people still valued good songwriting.

Obnoxious – Van Berg

When the band recognizes The Smiths as one of their main influences, you can’t go wrong. In addition to directly referring to the writing style of Marr/Morrissey, “Obnoxious” also has a touch of Britpop and reminded me a lot of the late Bluetones band. That’s the sound of nostalgia and there’s no better time to get it back than right now.

Heading For A New Life – Dawn – The Duet

It’s nice to hear a folk song sung in English, made in a French speaking country. In some moments, it brought me to new country music, in others, to the duo Jewel/Steve Poltz. My only reservation is regarding the recording quality, besides, excellent vocal and compositional chemistry.

Shell – The Perception

Well, don’t know how to say it, but I really liked the “horror” video. I think you got the tone right. The sharp guitars really remind the Kyuss style, making the atmosphere even more breathless. The vocals reminds me of Muse a lot, making the whole ensemble pretty good entertainment.

Wild at Heart – The Electric Petals

I’m still amazed by the quality of the material sent by musicians from Canada. I really think we have a new rock generation coming from there… This “Wild At Heart” (same name as a Bleachers track) doesn’t let me deny it: a song with a cool indie vibe that reminds me so much of Cake’s work.

Dust – Kahnin

To think that country-rock like this was produced in Iceland is one of the great wonders of searching music online. Well, Kahnin, I’m pretty suspicious to speak as I’m a fan of Americana music, especially when it comes to Whiskeytown. I would like the band to play here, in Brazil, one day, we certainly need musicians of the highest level to make us dream again.

Powerdrill – Liotta Seoul

Oh yes. I’m (much) older than fifteen and like guitars. Maybe that’s why this “Powerdrill” means so much to me. It’s kind of nostalgic… I mean, apart from some surviving bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Weezer, guitar rock is forgotten nowadays, and I never imagined that its salvation would come from a German band one day.

Betty Blue (Live) – Phil Manca

To be honest, I don’t enjoy more than one or two AC/DC songs, but this blues-guitar version of Phil Genious Manca made me listen to the Australian band’s music with a different mindset. Apparently, Phil’s show is a complete experience, an attractive and accessible spectacle even for those who are not into heavy or hard-rock.

Also, get back here and check for Phil Manca’s interview, later this month, only on Rock Cabeça!

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