Peter Lake: anonymous rock star

Peter Lake: anonymous rock star

The last time I had contact with an artist as productive as Peter Lake, from New York, Ryan Adams still hadn’t been exposed as a sexual predator. Above all, Lake can write really good rock melodies, just like the ones Noel Gallagher did it while in Oasis.

It’s simply beautiful, because each single manages to be better and more impactful than the last, the quality almost never drops. “Here’s my problem…I finished 196 new songs fully done 70 of them mastered in the last 36 months…but I’m not allowed to release too much at once. Meanwhile I’ve been writing 5 new ones a week. It takes soo much patience to wait for releases“, he says.

An eccentric guy with an unique sound

Peter Lake is certainly a very creative artist, with an identity (or a secret profile) of his own and, best of all, with a lot to say. In the last years, Lake developed an unique sound, which touches on some of the great names in rock, like R.E.M, LCD Soundsystem and Interpol. But it’s not all: Lake transits very well in the field of EDM and pop.

The funny thing is: He didn’t tell anyone in his family that he’d dabbled in songwriting, and ended up surprising her sister with one of her songs: “is that really you?”… And nowadays he is reluctant to appear, investing in anonymity even in versions of his music that have won clips.

3.5 years ago I had never sung a song in my life, now I can’t stop writing, singing and producing them. Life is hard and horrible but beautiful and wonderful.

Peter Lake

2 Things about Peter Lake

RC – You said that “3.5 years ago I had never sung a song in my life”. How did you find that you have that sorta “gift” in you? 

RC – Comparisons with bands that have lyricism as one of their main attributes are inevitable, such as R.E.M and Interpol, among many others. And, at the same time, his music opens up an even wider range of influences. What is Peter Lake listening to on his Spotify that makes him so productive and, at the same time, assertive in his productions? 

Watch the “6 Seconds – Part 2” video of Peter Lake:

Tracks like this “6 Seconds” represent the rescue, or better, the valorization of composition above all else. It’s kind of a The Kooks vibe, a song that grows as we listen to it more carefully each time we press play.

Watch the video for “Whistle”

“Whistle” is without a doubt the one I liked the most. It’s a modern electronic pop set in Times Square that puts us in a good mood very quickly. Lake is indeed very good with the lyrics, something that only the Pet Shop Boys could do very well with pop electronic anthems.

So, now it’s your time to tell us what you think about Peter Lake’s music!

Marcos Tadeu

Marcos Tadeu

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