Geneviève Racette: a passionate soul

Geneviève Racette: a passionate soul

The last time a ballad like “Someone” made me burst into tears was with “A thousand years” by Cristina Perri. I fell in love with this single by Geneviève from the moment I pressed play. It’s such a beautiful combo of lyrics, melody, arrangements that it’s impossible to go through this song unscathed. I don’t even know how to classify it: it’s a crossover between country and folk that makes everything delicious to the ear and, consequently, to the heart. And is very nice to know that all this musical inspiration and melancholy, Geneviève brings back from her childhood. “I grew up in a very musical and creative home. My siblings and I spent hours watching music videos, learning choreographies and singing along…” she says.

Geneviève Racette: Folk-rock with a french taste


“Someone featuring Dallas Green” (which you can hear bellow), is the third single from her forthcoming album “SATELLITE” by the Internationally renowned Canadian folk-pop singer-songwriter, Geneviève Racette. She has captivated listeners worldwide with her gentle, yet compelling, emotional resonance. And even so, Geneviève has garnered impressive industry support from ever since her first EP release in 2014. Through her vulnerable lyrics and ethereal vocals, Geneviève has emerged as a rising star throughout the Canadian music scene and around the world.

“Geneviève is a passionate soul who lights up when she talks about her music and the journey that got her to this point.”

Montreal Rocks

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RC – Your composition sounds very soft to the ears… it seems that music is a very natural element in your life. Am I right?

GR – Yes, I grew up in a very musical and creative home. My mother taught piano at home several hours a day and my father was passionate about anything music related. My siblings and I spent hours watching music videos, learning choreographies and singing along. I’m so grateful for the childhood I was given. 

RC – What are the expectations to open for City and Colour? Do you like their sound? 

GR – The show has been cancelled because of COVID restrictions which is super disappointing. I was very excited to share the stage with one of my favourite artists of all times. Hopefully we can do it another time. I love City and Colour’s sound. I’ve been a fan since day 1!

RC – How’s the pandemic going around you?  

GR – The pandemic is still very hard for the music business here in Québec, Canada. We just had another lockdown where music venues were closed for a few weeks. They just opened up again at 50% capacity. It honestly feels like we are going in circles. 

RC – Do you listen to any brazilian music? Have you ever been to Brazil before? 

GR – When I studied music in college I listened and sang a few bossa nova songs. I also listened to Getz-Gilberto by ​​Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto a lot. But other than that I have not dug deep into Brazilian music! Feel free to send some.

Watch the Lyric Video for “Someone”

Claimed as the most vulnerable song Geneviève has ever written, “Someone” was penned in 2019 and covers feelings of desire, temptation, seduction and fantasy, and consequently the guilt and shame that comes with it. “Sometimes life throws feelings at you and they’re meant to act as signals. Personally, this was an alarm constantly ringing in my ears telling me my relationship had to end,” explains Racette.

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