Dan San + 7 greatest FOLK surprises in 2023

Dan San + 7 greatest FOLK surprises in 2023

The biggest surprise of this article, in fact, comes from the Belgian indie scene. I’m talking about the mighty Dan San: a band with 5 guys and 1 woman who makes passionate music in the year 2023 in a way you’ve never seen – or heard. They’re the new 10.000 Maniacs. Or even better.

BTW, don’t forget the other artists who gravitates in the folk universe such as indie-folk, folk-pop, alt-folk or folk-rock.

Dan San


Said Sara

Grant Glad & The Soo Line Loons

The Satellite Station

Ben Cook

White Owl Red

Specific Coast

Bonus: Kristina Lachaga

Ed Gumbrecht

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Marcos Tadeu

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